Thrown away and left alone, you must lift yourself up and grow. Sometimes the only way to go is up...


Play time : 3-5 mins

Sprout is a platformer based game where you play as a seedling who was thrown away and left behind. You must collect all of your resources so that you can plant yourself and grow.

Not everyone starts off with the same advantages in life and so you have to work twice as hard to build yourself up!

How to play :

Move : Arrows  
Jump : Space 
Move cannon : WASD
Shoot cannon : Right shift
Pause : Esc

*This is my very first game and I'm excited to share it with everyone! I made this while enrolled in a 6 week gaming program run by Pixelles in Montreal. I was a complete newbie to Unity and programming but have learned a lot from this experience :D


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Nice art

Thank you :)